Antoni Ruschil

Maker of fine Violins, Violas and Cellos

About Me

Ruschil & Bailly have created a violin shop in central London to provide a bespoke service for musicians. Included in the collection for  The Royal Academy of Music , they also provide instruments and services for The Royal College of Music and Guildhall, as well as orchestras, soloists, teachers and students of all kinds across Europe. They have made their names as makers of the finest instruments.


Antoni Ruschil

My Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a unique experience for every one of our customers. Ruschil & Bailly is a fresh, new kind of violin shop made for the musician. Giving each individual player our full attention, we listen to and go through every nuance to get the very best out of the instrument and achieve the sound that the player desires. Enjoying our light and bright workshop in central London, we talk through how we can improve the sound, look and life of the instrument.

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