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About Me

A Material Engineer since 2001, I graduated in the same year as an “Operator for Violin Making” in Cremona. I then began my training in the restoration and the construction of classical and Baroque string instruments at Giovanni Lazzaro’s Atelier.

After obtaining a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering, I devoted myself to violin making. Over the years I have worked as a restorer on instruments of Modern Masters (Fagnola, Pareschi, Pollastri, Rocca, etc..) and on creations of Don Nicola Amati, Gasparo da Salò, Klotz family, Michele Deconet.

Since 2015 I have been working in my own Studio in Ponte San Nicolo’ (Padova, Italy).

I offer X-ray MicroCT services for bowed stringed instruments, together with TEC-Eurolab, in Modena, Italy.


Francesco Piasentini
37, Sant’Antonio street
Ponte San Nicolo’
35020 Padova

+39 347 0527508

My Philosophy

“Passion for wood and music drives my craftsmanship. Embracing every material irregularity, shaping its character in harmonic proportions… It’s like a symphony of patient pleasures”

“With the X-ray MicroCT you can have new perspectives on wonderful creations. You can make a virtual tour of a violin, investigating every detail and extracting precious information about its creation.”


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Silhouette of back of Cello on black background with copy space for music concept

Photos by Matteo Sandi