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My first entrance to the art of lutherie was in Naples, where I met four Master Luthiers, owners of the workshop “Anema e corde”. They gave me the opportunity to approach the subject and make my first violin. In 2008 I moved to Milan to attend the “Civica scuola di liuteria”. In addition to attending the courses I also worked with Master Lorenzo Rossi. I then spent three months in Cremona in 2009 as a trainee with Master Alessandro Tossani. In that period I made a violin following the stylistic and technical requirements of Cremona’s School.

I graduated in 2012 with the highest grade. After this, in 2013, I moved to Florence to work with the Masters Paolo Sorgentone and Michele Mecatti. In Florence, I have also learned restoration techniques under the guide of the Master Aldo Sopò. At the moment, I’m working and living in Florence.


Giuseppe Bifulco
Via della Scala, 11
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My Philosophy

During many years of study and apprenticeship, I had the chance to design in some of the most renowned Italian luthiers’ workshops. Nowadays, thanks to this I have shaped my own construction methods and stylistic expression, which still evolve every day due to hard research and continuous perspective changes.

Every instrument I make is handcrafted using methods based on the classic Italian art of making violins. In the finishing touches of my instruments, I keep visible details of the tools I’ve used all along the construction process. The carving of the scroll, the marks left on the flatness by the gouge and the edges finished with a knife cut are all there on my violins to highlight the gestures that contributed to the creation process. The aim of this intricate detailing is to release a product that is easily recognizable thanks to its personality and to the different stylistic choices made from the author. Gestures and instinct play a main role within the creation of my works. 

Furthermore, a stable cooperation with musicians makes the acoustic research process more and more interesting and fascinating to me; listening to their opinions, suggestions and requirements is a crucial step in determining the entire construction process – which begins with choosing the right wooden piece. 

Harmony, intensity, continuity: this is what I constantly aim for while doing my job.

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