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I was born in the south of France in the year 1959 to a family with three generations of fine carpenters.

My natural gift for wood working and strong passion for music led me to the International School of Violin Making in Cremona. I commenced studying here in 1978 under the guidance of masters Ezio Scarpini and Claudio Amighetti and graduated in 1982 under the guidance of Master Francesco Bissolotti.

I moved to Parma in 1986 where I undertook a professional career in violin making.

For the past 40 years I have been focusing on the creation of instruments with the same personality and unique traits as those made by the great masters violinmakers of  Italy’s golden age.

I was a member of the managing board of the Liuteria Parmense association until 2009.

Since 2014 I have been teaching at the Renato Scrollavezza International Violin making School.

frederic noharet


What allows the violinist to express himself best in interpreting a difficult piece? An instrument with a strong character that instills security and frees inspiration.

Some instruments express magnetic attraction and vibrate. It is not a matter of symmetry or perfection, but of character. These qualities are often found in antique instruments, and it is these which inspire my way of working: I build every instrument to be as unique and as vibrant.

 I have always attempted to apply the same deductive reasoning to the construction method as was used in the creation of such masterpieces. I am fascinated by the fact that these violins were produced at a time when the graphite pencil still had to be discovered, and tools were pretty rudimentary. During the construction process I try to identify with the seventeenth-century artisan – his knowledge, his tools, his beliefs and his perceptions.

Ease of emission, balance, and fullness of the timbre, are the qualities that distinguish my violins. My aim is to infuse each new instrument with all the sensuality of an antique instrument.

The sensation of a mature sound, together with warm and soft color, painted with a “lived” appearance, enriches and intensifies this feeling.



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