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I was born in Trento in 1986 surrounded by a family of musicians, woodsmen and artisans.

I approached the piano as a child, around the age of six, and have always cultivated a passion for wood and nature.

After obtaining a scientific degree, I continued my studies in Parma at the “International School of Violin Making” under the guidance of Renato Scrollavezza, Elisa Scrollavezza and Andrea Zanrè. After the experience of Parma I returned to Trentino, continuing to train in the field of stringed instruments and attending luthier courses with Luca Primon and Dario Michielon.

During my training, I collaborated with various colleagues in particular with Theo Marks (American violin maker).

I won the first prize for my viola at the “International Competition of Violin Making in Pisogne”in 2009  in the section for young makers.

In 2013 I graduated in jazz piano to which I dedicate myself regularly.

Over the course of little more than ten years I have built many instruments among violins, violas and cellos which are played and appreciated in Italy and in Europe.

Occasionally I dedicate myself to the construction of guitars and other acoustic and electrical instruments.

luca olzer


Each model is not just the aesthetics of a form, but represents the philosophy of a constructive intent, aimed at finding an approach to music, to a particular nuance of sound, to the emotions connected to the response of an instrument.

In my personal research as a Trentino craftsman I place particular importance on raw materials.

I personally split the trunks of the best Trentino fir, instead of sawing it, favoring its natural fiber and ensuring a correct and long seasoning, selecting only the best pieces.

This production process, though long, gives me the independence from the wood trade on a large scale, makes my work ethical and sustainable, and allows me to analyse the raw material empirically from the cutting of the plant, studying not only the wood, but also the land where it has grown, the type of forest and exposure to wind and light as well as the height above sea level and all the variables related to its seasoning.

The models that inspire me are those of the Italian classical tradition, in particular that of Cremona and Brescia.

The processing techniques I adopt prefer the manual processing of wood, and conform to the classical techniques of Italian violin making of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

My workshop is active in the construction of the instruments of the family of strings, in particular of violins, violas and cellos.

I also take care of the restoration, of the putting in place and of rebreaking of the arches.




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