Luca Salvadori Violin, 2020

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    Maker: Luca Salvadori

    Year of construction: 2020

    An outstanding violin, made by world renowned Master Luthier Luca Salvadori in his workshop in Cremona.

    One of the world’s best craftmen, Salvadori has elevated the level of violin making to a new degree. This violin has a perfectly sculpted body and a unique back with very deep and accentuated flames. The amber colour of the varnish is unusual for this maker but enhances the wood’s natural beauty.

    A very deep and rich sounding violin, it has a very large and powerful sound. It will easily project in any concert hall and is sure to please the most demanding violinists.

    The violin comes certified from the Luthier.

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      Luca Salvadori

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