Exceptional Violin Makers to Watch


Violin Makers Establishing Themselves in the UK

Daniele Tonarelli


One of the most established makers in Cremona, Italy. Working with his young and talented assistant Davide Pizzolato, he makes violins of the highest quality, in terms of sound and craftsmanship.

Benedicte Friedmann


She is known for Guadagnini models and for good reason.  Her sense of artistry and aesthetic comes across with every violin she makes.

Gonzalo Bayolo


One of the most talented craftsmen in the world, Gonzalo Bayolo is producing some of the best instruments we’ve ever seen.

Ulf Kloo


When making, he combines elegance and creativity to make instruments of very high calibre. His instruments sound fantastic, have incredible depth and outstanding projection.

Marco Cargnelutti


Marco Cargnelutti is a very promising young violin maker in Italy today. Inspiring himself from Cremonese masters both old and new.