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A fine English violin by Jack Lott II, c. 1860

Benjamin Hebbert Violins

Price on request

Ida Haendel famously played upon a Guarneri del Gesu for many years considering it the perfect instrument until it transpired that it was a copy by Jack Lott. The son of John (I) Lott, a violin maker, he worked briefly as an Elephant trainer in the circus travelling to New York and lastly to Geneva where the beast was shot with a cannon and served to the townspeople. Upon losing his job he returned to England to set up a workshop in Coventry Street, Covent Garden and later in Wardour Street where he served as an intermediary with Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume.

A Fine English Cello by Henry Lockey Hill, c. 1820

Benjamin Hebbert Violins


Henry Lockey Hill occupies an important place in the history of English violin making. His sons included the famous W.E. Hill who formed the legendary company of violin dealers, but Henry appears to have also been one of the great characters of violin making and connoisseurship. Whilst he is known to have trained with his uncle Joseph (II) Hill, he was working for John Betts by 1806 in a relationship that drew him very close to Joseph Panormo. The best work of both makers is almost indistinguishable and there is a great deal of informed speculation amongst experts about how intimately they worked together.


A fine violin by Silvio Vezio Paoletti, Florence 1924

Fabien Peyruc


A very fine example of a violin made in Florence in 1924 by Silvio Vezio Paoletti. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and is ready to play. It has a rich and powerful sound.

A French violoncello by Nicolas Vuillaume, Paris 1842

Benjamin Hebbert Violins

Price on Request

Nicolas Vuillaume was the younger brother of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, who worked in the Paris workshop from 1832 to 1842 before returning to Mirecourt in order to oversee production of Vuillaume’s “Stentor” and “St Cécile” models. His Paris instruments are very rare, and equivalent in quality to those of his more famous brother. This example is based upon the 1711 “Duport” Stradivari but slightly enlarged in size. The “Duport” was the most famous Stradivari cello in France, and central to J.B. Vuillaume’s own work. It is signed on the back and dated for Nicolas Vuillaume’s last year in Paris, “N.Vuillaume a Paris 1842”.


A Fine English violin made for the John Betts company by John Furber, London circa 1810

Benjamin Hebbert Violins


The firm of John Betts was the leading sellers of new and antique instruments in London around 1800 and drew in instruments from a variety of different makers who depended on them for the majority of their sales. Some of the greatest makers of the day including Vincenzo Panormo provided work for Betts, and although different makers produced instruments of varied qualities, the nature of the community of makers meant that standards were generally raised. Meanwhile greater insterest in Stradivari’s models makes these instruments particularly useful for modern musicians.

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