My name is Ariel Lang and I’d like to share the MyLuthier journey with you. It all started when Pedro Silva and I were still students at the Royal Academy of Music in London. I’m a violinist and he’s a cellist and like many before us, we were lucky to benefit from the Academy’s extensive collection of beautiful instruments. Playing on a Stradivarius, Guadagnini and Gaglianos was very helpful but it also meant that I had very high expectations for any future instrument. As my studies were finishing, I inevitably started my search for my next violin.

I tried many violins over a long period of time and came to the conclusion that for my expectations and budget, the best fit for me would be to buy something modern. I found it extremely difficult to find information about contemporary makers as well as get my hands on their instruments. On top of this, the lack of an easy to use online resource made this even harder.
Having shared this with Pedro, we started doing research and came up with a plan that led to the path that eventually saw the creation of MyLuthier.


Westbourne Terrace

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After travelling through Europe and trying as many contemporary instruments as we could get our hands on, we decided to make it much easier for future generations of musicians to go through this process. We spoke to many violin makers and selected the best instruments we could find. We displayed these on our website so that musicians could learn more about them and their makers.
Trying an instrument in person is without a doubt the best way of learning what it feels like to play on so we opened a showroom in central London with a beautiful collection of hand-picked instruments.
Liuteria Toscana violin
Liuteria Toscana violin



We strongly believe in our message and we stand by the instruments that we sell. Everything we have in our showroom is selected based on its sound, playability and craftsmanship. This means that everything we have is handcrafted by a luthier with years of experience and rigorously tested by us. On top of this, we think it’s a great advantage for musicians to be able to meet the person who made their instrument and develop a long-lasting relationship with them.